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Contact CSEMSU Engineering Building

428 S. Shaw Ln.,  RM 3115
East Lansing, MI 48824-1226
Phone: (517) 353-3148
Fax: (517) 432-1061


Chairperson Designee

Yunhao Liu, Professor, MSU Foundation Professor, (517) 355-4198

Interim Chairperson

Abdol-Hossein Esfahanian, (517) 432-9476

Associate Chair for Research and Faculty Development

Eric Torng, (517) 353-3543

Associate Chair for Graduate Studies

Dr. Sandeep Kulkarni, (517) 355-2387

Associate Chair for Undergrad Studies

Dr. Charles Owen, (517) 353-6488

Department budget & Human Resources Administrator

Stacey Nye, Administrative Business Professional/Supervisor, (517) 353-6484

Alumni Information

CSE 102

CSE Systems Help

Most questions are answered on the CSE Facilities pages. If you still need help, please send an e-mail to


Faculty and Staff List

Chairperson Support, Travel Procedures & Reimbursements, Visa & HR Support

Carolyn Devereaux, Office Assistant IV, (517) 355-4198

Graduate Student Records

Amy King,(517) 355-5210

Research Administration

Debbie Kruch, Research Administrator I, (517) 353-1679

Reception, Payroll, Purchasing, and Keys

Brenda Hodge, Secretary II, (517) 353-3148

Undergraduate Advisor

Titun Maiti, Specialist, (517) 353-5455
Engineering Building, room 3201
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