Michigan State University has been advancing knowledge and transforming lives through innovative teaching, research and outreach for more than 150 years. MSU is known internationally as a major public university with global reach and extraordinary impact. As part of the MSU tradition, our graduate research program emphasizes interdisciplinary collaboration and scholarship that transcends the traditional boundaries of the field. CSE is composed of over 150 MS and PhD students from around the globe.

Biometric Research

BIOMETRICS- Biometrics Research Group

3208 Engineering Building
Faculty: Jain

Computer Vision Lab

CvLab - Computer Vision Laboratory

Faculty: X. Liu

Digital Evolution Lab

Devo - Digital Evolution Laboratory

Faculty: Cheng, McKinley, Ofria, Pennock, Torng

Data Science and Engineering Laboratory

Data Science and Engineering Laboratory

Faculty: Dr. Tang

Embodied Intelligence Lab

EI - Embodied Intelligence Laboratory

Faculty: Weng


eLANS - Experimental Laboratory for Advanced Networking and Systems

Faculty: Esfahanian, Mutka, Torng, Xiao, Xing


HAL - Human Analysis Lab

Faculty: Dr. Vishnu Boddeti


i-PRoBE - Integrated Pattern Recognition and Biometrics Lab

Faculty: Ross

Language Processing and Knowledge Discovery Laboratory

LINKS - Language Interaction and Knowledge Discovery Laboratory

3315 Engineering Building
Faculty: Chai, Jin, Tan

Media and Entertainment Technologies

MET - Media and Entertainment Technologies Laboratory

Faculty: Owen

Security Research Group

SRG - Security Research Group

Faculty: Enbody

Software Engineering and Network Systems

SENS - Software Engineering and Network Systems Laboratory

3312 Engineering Building
Faculty: Cheng, Dillon, Kulkarni, McKinley

Interdisciplinary Programs

Computer Science and Engineering participates in many interdisciplinary programs on campus. Our faculty and students are excited by the opportunities to influence the direction of both computer science and other disciplines.