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Withrow Teaching Excellence Award

Withrow Teaching Excellence Award

Every year, each department in the College of Engineering selects one faculty member to receive the Withrow Award for Teaching Excellence. This award recognizes outstanding instructional performance.

The selection of the recipient is based primarily on nominations from students. A Department of Computer Science and Engineering Selection Committee, composed of students and a faculty advisor, reviews the nominations and makes a recommendation to the Department Chairperson.

To nominate a faculty member click here.



Past Recipients
2017-2018 Laurie Dillon
2016-2017 Joshua Nahum
2015-2016 Charles Owen
2014-2015 Abdol Esfahanian
2013-2014 Anil Jain
2012-2013 Charles B. Owen
2011-2012 Wayne Dyksen
2010-2011 Eric K. Torng
2009-2010 Charles Ofria
2008-2009 C. Titus Brown
2007-2008 Richard J. Enbody
2006-2007 Mark H. McCullen
2005-2006 Kurt Stirewalt
2004-2005 Abdol Esfahanian
2003-2004 Charles Owen
2002-2003 Mark H. McCullen
2001-2002 Eric K. Torng
2000-2001 Charles B. Owen
1999-2000 Mark H. McCullen
1998-1999 Mark Urban-Lurain
Donald J. Weinshank
1997-1998 Betty H.C. Cheng
1996-1997 Philip K. McKinley
1995-1996 Eric K. Torng
1994-1995 Mark H. McCullen
1993-1994 Richard C. Dubes
1992-1993 William F. Punch
1991-1992 Richard J. Enbody
1990-1991 Richard J. Reid