George Stockman

Professor Emeritus of Computer Science (1 Jan 2011)

Status (office EB 2128):

  • I officially retired 1 Jan 2011, but am still doing research, reviewing, and outreach.
  • So far, Professor Emeritus has been a good part time job!
  • I am not, right now, recruiting PhD students or post docs.
  • It's best to reach me by email.

  • Scratch units (many versions): current outreach
  • CSE 232 Intro Programming II; did it about 25 times!
  • Lecture slides for CSE803: Computer Vision
  • CSE 803 Computer Vision: did this maybe 15 times

  • Brain-Mind Institute coming up soon!
  • ITEC: Information Technology Empowerment Center of Lansing
  • pics from 2006 Kenya visit (Nairobi and Machakos: 53M)
  • pics from 2006 Kenya visit (Massai Mara Game Park: 35M)
  • pics from 2006 Senegal visit (UCAD in Dakar and Goree Island: 15M)
  • Notes on IT from 2005
  • Computer Vision text

    Interests include computer vision, image processing, graphics and artificial intelligence. Recent work has been in the modeling, recognition, and measurement of objects and has both theoretical and practical aspects. Teaching interests include algorithms, data structures, computer graphics and computer vision, and programming languages. Since 2007, I've been active with ITEC Lansing working with middle school students after school on Scratch, MATLAB, LEGO, etc.


  • Brief Vita (.pdf) Longer Vita (.pdf)

  • Face-Capture Helment-Mounted Display
  • Interpolation Snakes (in prep)

  • Michigan State University
  • MSU Dept. of Computer Science and Engineering
  • MSU College of Engineering
  • ITEC Lansing outreach
  • Contact information :

    George Stockman
    Dept. of Computer Science and Engineering
    3115 Engineering Building
    Michigan State University
    East Lansing, MI 48824-1027

    Telephone: (517) 355-5240 (not often here)
    FAX: (517) 432-1061
    If you can't contact me:
  • I might be doing a net escape out on some river or lake: I'll be back.