Current Project: WORC

My current project involves resource discovery and personal organization of information from the World Wide Web. The name of the system is WORC , which stands for Web Organization by Robot Categorization.

Encompassed in this research are areas such as intelligent agents, machine learning, pattern recognition and clustering, information filtering, and genetic algorithms/genetic programming.


Finding Salient Features for Personal Web Page Categories
Appeared in the 6th International World Wide Web Conference April 1997.

Discovering Concepts in Raw Text: Building Semantic Relationship Graphs
Appeared in ICML/AAAI workshop on Learning for Text Categorization, July 1998.

Automated Concept Extraction from Plain Text
Appeared in the Learning from Text and the Web workshop at the Conference on Automated Learning and Discovery (CONALD) conference at Carnegie Mellon University, June 1998.

My advisor is Bill Punch , director of the MSU GARAGe .

The URL spitter meta search.

A sample concept graph (still experimental!)

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