CSE is launching a new series of interviews called CSE Spotlight where we go behind the scenes to get more insight into some of the notable happenings and people within the department. Learn stories such as how Dr. Josh Siegel turned an idea about using RFID tags to detect diaper wetness into an IEEE Sensors Journal best paper for 2020 and how Dr. Emily Dolson pivoted her research into developing a new device for small hospitals to disinfect PPE for reuse when the COVID-19 pandemic hit in March of 2020.

Interview with new faculty member Dr. Emily Dolson

Dr. Emily Dolson is one of our new CSE faculty, but she is not new to CSE having graduated with her PhD in 2019. Emily talks about her research, her postdoc at the Cleveland Clinic, and what her plans are for MSU including how she plans to teach her courses. Emily is also affiliated with the EEBB program at MSU. 

Link to Dr. EmilyDolson's homepage: https://cse.msu.edu/~dolsonem/index.html 

Link to video introduction of Dr. Emily Dolson to her students: https://mediaspace.msu.edu/media/CSE+431+Instructor+Bios/0_ey527hqd 

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