Honors Options for CSE Courses

Students interested in pursuing Honors options in CSE courses should contact the course instructor to inquire about the possibility of completing an Honors option for a specific CSE course.

Addnitional information about Honors options is available online here: https://honorscollege.msu.edu/academics/honors-option.html

Honors Advising Information

For questions related to university requirements (e.g., SS/AH substitutions, HCAPP), Honor students should meet with their Honors advisor. For questions related to academic planning or college/major requirements, Honors students should meet with their major advisor.

For questions about undergraduate research, career planning, or graduate school, Honors students may start with their major advisor but may also wish to speak with a faculty member. College of Engineering and CSE faculty members available for honors advising are listed online here: https://honorscollege.msu.edu/academics/egr-honors-departmental-advisors.html

CSE Departmental Prerequisite and Course Restriction Policy

All students are required to meet course prerequisites and major restriction requirements before taking any CSE course. This policy also applies to Honors students. If any student, including an Honors student, is enrolled in a CSE course without meeting the prerequisites, the CSE Department reserves the right to remove that student from the course. Students will always be notified before being removed from a CSE course. If you have questions about this departmental policy, please speak with your major advisor.