This is a short video that describes some basic lighting options for doing an asynchronous lecture.

Some reasonable lighting options:

Only consider LED panels, not ring lights or small circular lights. Only consider sets that include a diffusion panel to soften the light.

Two point lighting is a good choice for lectures like this. Place two lights on stands at about 60 degrees left and right of straight. Make them higher than your head, so they are shining down a bit. If you wear glasses, be sure your placement does not reflect in them as you move your head left and right (in a reasonable range). Those bright white reflections are very distracting.

You will find you may need to manually set the camera settings in your webcam to consistently get a good image. I spent quite a bit of time getting the settings right for my normal lighting. I did not spend as much time on the other options. They could look somewhat better. The camera settings were not reset correctly after messing around the lighting, so the last part is a bit oversaturated.

I use e.l.f. High Definition Powder and a soft makeup brush to avoid glare on my forehead and face.

Here's a good video on 2-point lighting:

Frequently Asked Questions

What's a good minimum option?

Two floor lamps with shades can look reasonably good.

What light temperature do you use?

I use only daylight (5600K) lighting. I have used warmer lighting in some videos, but just did that using Premiere Pro filters.

What is 3-point lighting?

In my studio I have one light behind me and to my left that is aimed at my head. This is sometimes called a hair light, since it is meant to make the hair have a more distinct outline. You will need a good dimmable light to get this right. Too much looks terrible.