All MSU faculty, students, and staff have access to Zoom. This page is some tips and instructions on how to use Zoom to put a class online.

You access Zoom at Log in use MSU credentials. Be sure you set the Zoom global settings first.

Zoom will assign you a personal meeting ID. Do not use that for courses, or office hours. That link is only for impromptu meetings.

You can use Zoom (and a variety of other tools) to record your lecture and put it online if you like. However, I strongly recomment that you hold your class at the regular time live via Zoom. Students will not view long videos and a class can be more interactive with students asking questions.

Page Sections:

Setting Up A Class

The best idea for a course is to create a scheduled meeting for the course. On the left side, choose Meetings:

Meeting menu option in Zoom

Click the button Schedule a Meeting. Suppose you are teaching CSE437 Fundamentals of Teleconferencing that takes place from 10:20am-11:40am Tuesday/Thursday. Set the Topic to the Course ID. You can also add a description if you like.

Select Recurring Meeting. Set Recurrence to No Fixed Time. Zoom does not know how to schedule a class for Tuesday/Thursday and you don't really need it scheduled, anyway. It starts when you show up.

Scheduling a meeting

Leave Meeting ID as "Generate Automatically". MSU officially requires that we add a Passcode to the meeting, as if global passwords really accomplish anything. But, I degress...

Other recommended settings:

  • Host Video: On
  • Participant Video: On (so you can see their shining faces)
  • Audio: Computer Audio
  • Check: Enable join before host
  • Check: Mute participant upon entry
  • Check: Only authenticated users can join

Be sure the authentication is set to MSU Sign In.

You can also check Automatically record meeting on the local computer if you wish to later post the video for students to review.

It is strongly recommended that you record lectures and upload them to MediaSpace. Some students may have insufficient bandwidth to stream the video during the lecture and need to view it at a later point in time.

Meeing settings.

Click Save.

On the next page you will find a link, something like: Provide this link and the passcode to students to join the class.

Starting the Class

Click on the link to join the class. It will take you to a web page that should pop up "Open Zoom Meetings?". Click Open Zoom Meetings. If you have not previously done so, you will need to install Zoom. The link is on the page.

You should see the session open. Click on Join with Computer Audio to finish starting the session.

If you choose to record you class, be aware that it may take a long time for Zoom to create the .mp4 when you end the class.

Tips for using Zoom in a Class

Allow time for that first class session. Everyone has to install the application and it make take a bit of time.

I default all students to muted. With a large number of students it is not reasonable for all students to have open microphones. They will have to unmute to speak.

If you do not see controls on the Zoom window, move the mouse over it and they should appear.

Click the Chat button to open the chat window. That's a good place for students to ask questions. They can chat to ask questions:

It would be a very good idea for at TA or ULA in the course to monitor the chat during the class period. They could then point out questions for you or answer them directly via the chat.

You can share your screen at any time using the Share button:

Obtaining Attendance

If you are doing a live zoom class you can go after the class to the zoom website (where you created the course) and choose Reports on the left, then Usage on the right:

You will see a list of all meetings. That list includes the number of participants. Click on that number to bring up a list of participants:

The list can be downloaded as a CSV file.