All MSU faculty, students, and staff have access to Zoom. This page is some tips and instructions on how to use Zoom to put a class online.

You access Zoom at Log in use MSU credentials.

Zoom has settings that are per-meeting or per-webinar, but it also has some global settings that are persistent for all meetings and webinars you may do. Here are some settings I recommend as global settings. I am only describing settings that are different from the default settings.

On the left side, choose Settings (if your window is narrow, there will be a menu at the top):

Zoom global settings.

Enable Only authenticated users can join meetings and Only authenticated users can join meetings from Web client:

Zoom settings for authentication.

Notice: This does NOT do what it says. It does not require participants to authenticate. What it actually does it makes it possible for a meeting to be set to require participants to authenticate. This option must be set both here AND in the meeting for authentication to occur. Yes, it is a bad user interface design.

I recommend setting Allow removed participants to rejoin:

Alllow to rejoin setting

Suppose you are using this for office hours and after a student's question is answered you choose to remove them so you can answer someone else's question. If this open is not enabled, they will not be able to ask another question later on. I have found that this setting also is important to allow students to return to breakout rooms. They may fix that bug at some time, but for now I enable this option.

Enable Breakout Rooms:

Breakout rooms setting

Breakout rooms allow you to move students into a private area to answer questions. You must enable this as a global setting for it to be available for meetings.

One additional setting I recommend is to enable Sound notification when someone joins or leaves and to play the sound only for hosts and co-hosts:

Sound notiification option